Sport Innovation Concept

Internet of Things - IoT in Sport

IoT in sports today is available in player development, player safety, and fan engagement.  Coaches, players, and fans can shape and focused to game strategy, analyze potential injuries and customize experience by analyzing data collected via multiple devices.

Many sports entities implement IoT in a disconnected and segregated fashion. Rather than looking at it as IoT, entities often view these technologies independently and fail to identify the benefits of combining these components.


What we Offer

We will be able to create a data management strategy and master plan to make more effective and insight-driven decisions and transform the experience for fans, players and all stakeholders in 3 levels:

Developing a comprehensive IoT strategy that focuses on data collection, organizational efficiency, fan experience, and team performance on a macro level.

Seting up technologies that integrate with existing technologies and can easily scale and aggregate stadium data in order to be prepared for future larger data outputs

Integration the technology, people, and process aspects of an organization to grow the IoT ecosystem quickly and effectively with little to no disruption

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